October 8, 2010

Sister Birthdays

On October 8th, 2004 Chicken Little was born in Ethiopia. On October 6th, 2008, Chicken Little got a sister. Two years ago this morning, I left the hospital with Chicken Nugget, in all her two day old newborn glory. We hit the grocery store for cupcakes and Domino's for pizza all before heading to Big Sissy's preschool - it was Chicken Little's birthday and we had a party to throw! Chicken Nugget was in school before she ever entered our home, but that is of course only fitting for a member of the deChicken family. And who would be scared of taking a brand new baby, barely 48 hours old, into a preschool full of kids in the middle of cold and flu season. Not me says the Ultimate Chicken, but maybe that was the residual epidural speaking, or perhaps AMP was projecting his endless bravery (needless recklessness) onto me.

It is fun that they can celebrate their birthdays with one big party (and very convenient for Mom and Dad) while still having their own special day, two days apart. While I was pregnant, Lisa and I speculated at length about the possibility of Chicken Nugget being born on Chicken Little's birthday. We couldn't fathom how anyone would deal with two children in the same family having the same exact birthday - we talked about this off and on for months (no lie), until we remembered that Lisa's sons.....are twins!

Anyway, I couldn't be prouder of my two little girls. They have been the best of friends since the beginning, and are both just magical in some many different ways. I always had this insane fear that I would end up the mother of 4 boys, with no Pink, and no Princesses, and no Sparkles and Sunshine. And then we started the adoption process in Ethiopia, they told us there was an 80% chance we would get a boy - and we got Chicken Little. When I got pregnant with Chicken Nugget, we assumed it was a boy, because that deChicken family is a Y producing herd(what are families of Chickens called?). And then suddenly we had another beautiful girl, and my world was full of Princesses, and Pink, and all sorts of Magic and Sparkles, and let's not forget the Drama that comes with two girls! I love that I get to be their Mom, and really love that they get to be sisters. So here is a resounding Happy Birthday to Chicken Little, and an equally resounding belated Happy Birthday my little Chicken Nugget! Who loves you the most?

The first time Chicken Little saw Chicken Nugget.

A year ago with Grandma

The Birthday Girls!

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Christi said...

A flock is for a group of chickens and a clutch is for chickens from the same hen.. My friend got some chickens for her 1 acre farm her family is growing. This is the only reason I would know. haha ;) Love your chicky stories!