November 16, 2010

One Week Bathroom

AMP and I decided to just get some projects done around the house, so that we are less stressed thinking about all that needs to be done. Why we chose to do this when I am less than 4 weeks back from my third maternity leave in 4 years kind of escapes me, but why not? So, we hired someone to help us finish the basement playroom and spare bedroom (ongoing project since the Winter of 2007 - it was time) and then to just further complicate the lives of 5 people who go to 5 different places every single day of the week, we decided to redo our original bathroom. I think I can no longer claim to be even moderately smart after making this decision - all rational thinking went out the window last week when I called the guy to come refinish the tile for tomorrow. In order for the tile to be finished, the bathroom must be empty of everything - completely cleaned out and bare.

Last Saturday morning - wake up to the same disgusting bathroom AMP and I have used for the last 5 and half years in this house. There was the original tile on the wall (79 years old), all cracked and dingy. There was the icky towel bar that was also quite up there in years, with the matching ceramic inset toothbrush holder, that didn't come close to fitting these new fangled thick-handled toothbrushes. There was also the last remaining wall paper (baby blue stripe -matched the black and white tile detail and the yellow sink and tub perfectly) in a house that was once fully coated in tiny floral wall paper. By the end of Saturday, the wall paper was down, the walls were half scrubbed and the weird tile pieces were broken out. Yesterday, AMP spent 7 hours stripping the woodwork, while I bribed the children to not go swim in the paint stripper and turpentine. Tonight, AMP did some scholarly professor work, while I grouted the new tiles, and cleaned out the mess. Now, it is 1:30 am. AMP is still working, I am six seconds from bed, and while we are the trashy people with a toilet in the back yard, the sink and radiator are still nestled happily in their spots in the bathroom. T-Minus 6 and half hours until Tile Man arrives, expecting a bare bathroom - I wish him luck.

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