October 24, 2010

12 hours to Sanity

12 weeks ago, I left work, four days away from meeting my new son. It has been 3 months and so much has happened. We really started to settle into a routine last week and now, chaos, or rather, sanity, returns to the deChicken family. Momma goes back to work tomorrow (hear Hallelujah chorus resounding through the air). The lunch bags are packed, the snacks are stowed, the outfits are clean (though I have yet to confirm my first day outfit - oh the stress) and drop-off and pick-ups are scheduled. 5 people and 5 different locations - Keep your fingers crossed, people, this could get interesting!

On a technical side note, the struggle for hipness continues - I asked myself, what hip person uses a pc these days? So, on a whim (or rather in desperate frustration at the ancient 6 year old beast in the basement) tonight at 5:15 AMP and I decided to bring Christmas home early to the deChicken family. At 5:38, he peeled out of the driveway, racing to the Mac store before it closed at 6. He shut the store down, but he got it, and now I am typing this post on my new Mac Air. Big hearts are encircling this tiny computer! But now how to spell check with the right click....

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