October 21, 2010

"Too Tired"

Where, oh where has the blogger been?
This question was posed to me yesterday by one of my best friends (Happy Birthday B, by the way) and my answer was one word - "Too Tired" - oh wait, that is three words.
Day 1 - "Too Tired" to do laundry - but if I hadn't, the basement would have been buried soon, and the children would be naked, and we made a rule recently that no deChicken can run naked through the house, so...no blog, only endless laundry.
Day 2 - "Too Tired" to wake up and go to the bathroom. I have a dream that one day I will not have to wash 2 sets of pee-pee sheets a day. The nap adds a set, so I could have them skip the nap, but then when would Mommy clear out the DVR? So no blog, just drowning in a sea of pee-pee sheets and pants.
Day 3 - "Too Tired" of the doctor's office. Current calculation is 7 hours this week, and that brings the grand total to 26 hours in the last month - not including the dentist appt I missed last week. Nothing serious, just obscure and weird, requiring large amounts of times spent WebMD'ing the latest diagnosis and adding two more specialist to both the speed dial and the Mom calendar I had to buy today (with full people tracking flow chart). So no blog, just endless sympathy stickers, and sympathy lollipops, and unsympathetic wrestling holds for needles!
Day 4 - "Too Tired" to put away nicely folded laundry in piles all over the living room, so when the dinner guests arrived, I held crying "Pollo", (he wakes up as happy as his Momma does) and AMP did frantic laundry hurdles when he got home 10 minutes later. Apparently, someone in the family, (and I swear this time it wasn't me) was also "Too Tired" to flush, because one of guests was treated to surprise in the downstairs toilet (again, what is with this family and potty issues! And no, I promise, it wasn't me, Jo!) - not embarrassing at all. So no blog, just endless apologies for the floater, and the laundry piles, and the burnt grilled cheese (isn't that what everyone serves dinner guests?)
Day 5 - "Too Tired" to watch TV. I promised the B (Happy Birthday to you, wait, did I already say that?) I would write this post (it might have sounded way funnier on the phone to her last night), then was "too tired" to make it through one hysterical episode of 30 Rock - went comatose on the couch at 9:15. So no blog, only drooling and snoozing.
3 more days, and I get to go back to work! This staying at home nonsense is exhausting!

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JAH said...

I love my shout out has to do with a floater!!! Can't wait to see you!!