October 3, 2010

First Annual deChicken Plucking Festival

Today seemed like the first true day of Fall. We headed out to a local farm with our friends to try apple and pumpkin picking. Now, my husband may have grown up on a farm, but I am a city Chick for sure - no picking experience whatsoever. The fabulous fresh air, the hysterical friends we were with, the beautiful scenic views of the red barns (because all barns were meant to be red), the cozy sweatshirts and the vision of my three gorgeous (no bias here) children romping the fields and glorious orchards must have sparked a temporary bout of complete insanity. Currently in the trunk of my Swagger Wagon are two extremely full bags of apples (not including the one Chicken Nugget devoured, seeds and all - I promise I feed the child!) and 66, yes I repeat, 66 lbs of pumpkins. As a note, we eat about 1 apple a week if we are lucky, and the last pumpkin we bought rotted in our front porch window. AMP on the other hand, in true Dutch form, was muttering about bologna sandwiches all next week to pay for the pumpkins. But my three children were swirling happily in the insanity with me, and I tell you, I have never seen Pollo so happy - Check it out!


Pastor Christina said...

Those friends of yours are nuts!

Ultimate Chicken said...

The best nuts in the world!

JAH said...

Love the pictures! Sweetie - go to your local CVS or whatever and get carving kits/tools. Carve up those pumpkins and buy the flameless lights (or glow sticks) if you are afraid of the flame with the tealights. Carve them up sweetie!!

As for the massive amounts of apples, learn how to make apple crisp or apple pie. Mmmm, Mmmm, good!