April 20, 2011

Wicked Smart Parenting

My oldest daughter is, to use a New England expression, "Wicked Smart!" She brought home a straight A report card last week, and to celebrate, tonight we let her pick the restaurant. AMP and I prepared ourselves mentally for a night of Applebee's, because Chicken Little is nothing but consistent. Only recently did we discover that her obsession was based on her belief that Applebee's was the only restaurant that served ice cream! Anyway, tonight she surprised us by insisting on a full course of pancakes at IHOP - though in all seriousness, the girl has a point. Syrup may be more fantastic than ice cream in terms of sweet fix. And, pancakes have been, since AMP and I's dirt poor early married days, the staple food of celebration in the deChicken family. New job, pancakes. Raise, pancakes. Grant funded, pancakes. When I was promoted to full Buyer, AMP and I drove to NYC for the weekend, just so we could get our favorite pancakes, at our all time favorite restaurant, Kitchenette! So it is no wonder Chicken Little picked IHOP.

Tonight, the instant after the food arrived, I noticed a sneaky little hand starting to dump syrup all over her 5 babycakes. I stopped her cold, but then in true nice momma fashion thought to myself "Hey, it is her celebration dinner - why not?" So I smiled and gave her a second shot of syrup after the first one soaked in. But, syrup for supper, 20 minutes before bed time? And I actually wondered why she was doing handstands while changing into her pj's? Hey, I only said one of us was wicked smart!

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