April 18, 2011

New Nest

AMP and I have been seriously hunting for a new coop for the deChicken family - thus the major reason for being AWOL from the blog since February. 8 weeks of spreadsheets, internet house researching, house tours with our fabulous real estate agent (thanks Lynda!) and endless rounds of "AMP, are you sure?" from me - maybe I was touch "Chicken" through this whole process, just a touch - and we have found THE ONE. So, we are packing the three little chicks up and moving coops in just 5 short weeks!
Your first thought - "time to start packing" is very appropriate, but somehow hasn't actually translated into action and stacks of boxes as of yet. As I sit here blogging while AMP catches up on the Colbert Report, the excitement for the new house is high, and the energy level is low. Wish us luck on actually getting this house full of plastic toy explosion packed up before closing day!
Free Range for Chickens

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Carol L. Bratt said...

I must admit, as I read your blog, that my first thought was, "I thought I was the only one who used spreadsheets to search for a house!" All of that aside, it looks like a beautiful house!

I really enjoy being a part of the "DeChicken family" through your blogs. You keep me laughing and it is always a bright spot in my day to read your writings.

Love, Angel Bratt (DeBoef)