April 25, 2011

Carrying Days

Tonight, when I pulled in the driveway from work, I noticed my suitcase sitting out by the curb. Now, this suitcase is not particularly attractive and is at this point, quite busted. And I am wasting no time going out and getting a fancy new one at TJ's. But, that ugly, green, busted suitcase was my suitcase. I bought it my first week on the job, 6 years ago. It has carried food for me to China so many times, particularly on that time when I was 12 weeks pregnant and the thought of any Chinese food only made the insane nauseau worse! It carried all my souvenirs in my around-the-world trip last summer. (Not as fun as it sounds, though I now know that everyone should visit the Netherlands at least once in their life!) It carried my clothes to the Grand Canyon, and to California, and to Germany, and to Tulsa, and all the states and cities in between. But most memorably, it carried bright pink flower pj's to Ethiopia to pick up my beautiful Chicken Little, and it carried Superman shirts and Batman pj's to Columbia for my handsome little Pollo. It's carrying days are over, but it saw a lot - I can only dream of what the next shiny new suitcase will see!

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