April 17, 2011

A toast of Injera

Four years ago today, I was in Addis Abba, Ethiopia, adopting the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. I didn't know then all that I now know about her. What I saw was a small little girl, with barely any hair (oh for the days of easy hair again), in size 12-month clothes at the age of 2 and a half years old. I saw a little girl who already had slightly sassy eyes, I just didn't yet know the source of the sparkle in those huge brown eyes. I saw a curious little girl, who loved to dance and flip, and loved her "dabo" (bread) more than anything -somethings never change. I saw a little girl who didn't know or love us yet, but called us "Momma" and "Abba" and we loved her to pieces.

Tonight, as I sat across from a smart little lady, with long, beautiful braids at the Ethiopian restaurant, chowing down on her favorite, Injera, I thought of all I know about her. Her silly faces, her fabulous dances, her amazing sense of humor, and the wonderful magic that surrounds her every day.

First Picture Together

Chicken Little!

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