April 17, 2011

Knock yourself out

My son is more...active, than my girls. My son runs when he could walk, and leans into everything and everyone (ouch!) with a fierce "Bulldozer" force. My son wears his "Bulldozer" nickname with pride, not knowing that there might have been a touch of sarcasm in Momma when I blessed him with the nickname. My son turns into a Weeble when he is tired or excited, and can run 13 mph around the dining room table with his head completely tilted to one side and looking in, of course, the complete opposite direction. But last night, we reached a whole new level of wobblyness. "Bulldozer" dealt himself the knockout punch...on the toilet. We still can't tell you exactly what happened, but I know he went into to pee, and came out howling! Massive lump on one side of his chin, and after he came around (he was legit out cold on AMP shoulder), he swore up and down "I bang it on da Potty!" I know he is short, but in all seriousness, logistically how do you hit your chin on "da Potty"?

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Jon and Jamie said...

oh, no!!! I can see it though, since he hates to be left out, he probably tried to run off, with his "pants on the da ground"!!! seriously, that is funny, and so typically him!!;-)