April 24, 2011

The Easter Miracle

Do you remember those days when you were a kid, when the whole day seemed magical, and you were just blissfully happy all day? These magical days typically involved tremendous amounts of sugar, and usually ended with enormous sobs as the sugar highs crashed. I remember those days, and apparently, all three of my little Chicks had that day today. Today was absolutely fabulous, but all three of them had complete meltdowns in the last hour, and are way overdue for sleep and a total sugar detox.

The sugar splurge started this morning with a jelly bean hunt in the deChicken living room:

Continued at back-to-back Easter services at church:

There was a small pause to eat at our local barbecue pit, and take quick catnaps,
Followed by a massive Easter Egg Hunt put on by our Besties, the M's:

This was the final tally tonight, and I can only imagine how big the pile could have been if AMP hadn't been secretly purging today:

So, our mini-Easter miracle? This morning and this evening during their candy hunts, all three little Chicks .... shared with each other. And helped each other find eggs, and made sure their buckets were...even. With no shouting, or snatching, or pushing involved. For the first time, it seemed like the three of them, as happy siblings together, not the Girls and Pollo scrapping and pushing his way in. My own small miracle, but it made the newer deChicken family of five, feel more real - and that was awesome to see.

But of course the real miracle of today - 2000 years ago, God's son, who had died for us, came back to life. Now that is amazing!

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