November 22, 2010

June is GTA Month

It seems like every month has a theme - a theme of awareness. I googled and found this link, and it will need to be bookmarked so all the month/themes can be added to our family calendar. I was particularly excited to learn that October is National Window Covering Safety month. As a full-fledged Chicken, I have spent many an hour worrying about the general safeness of our window coverings for the wee chicks. Mural Awareness Month in May also intrigued me, but Parental Awareness Month in April confused me. Is it awareness for the struggles of parents, or for all the children to be aware of how aware their parents truly are? I think Seagrass Awareness speaks for itself, but nothing trumps Goat Trauma Awareness (GTA) month in June. Do we think this is head trauma, or psychological trauma - I will keep you posted, as this one must be thoroughly researched. But, I digress - the Google did it again. One quick search and two hours later, I am surrounded by open windows of hilarious, useless information.

In all seriousness, the monthly theme that means the most to AMP and I, is this month, National Adoption Awareness. In this week of heightened awareness around Being Thankful, I believe that one of the things I am most thankful for in my life, is to be apart of the world of adoption. I have been utterly and completely altered and blessed by my experience with adoption, both in my own family and in the lives of my friends. Everyone wins in this situation. I win - I get to parent a phenomenal child, adding a little more diversity, and love and of course general hilarity to my life and future. My child wins - they get all that comes with being part of a family, and having a Mom and Dad to call their own. I thank God everyday for my kids, and the love and joy they have brought to my life.

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GEM said...

I have done this as well and was actually able to find a calendar which listed all the themes per month. Most of them seemed health related (cancer prevention months, various ailment awareness) but I never found the Goat Trauma one! Too funny. Happy Adoption Awareness Month:)