November 20, 2010

48 hour challenge

6:30 this Saturday morning, and I am up and dressed before the kids are even awake (for those of you who know me, please pick yourself off of the floor, close your mouth and continue reading. This is the deal. In this House of Horrors, I mean House of Projects, we have a disturbing tendency to start a project and leave it unfinished...for years. Basement, started in late 2006 - early 2007 before Chicken Little appeared. Current status, being finished off (tile, door, window, heat, moldings) by our trusty friend Pep the Builder and his brother. Upstairs Bedroom (ours) and sitting room, started in the summer (2008) before Chicken Nugget arrived, in order to have a place for our bestie Leanndra (also Chicken Nugget's care giver to live for a year), which she did, amidst the studs and installation. Current status, still some minor painting and lighting and then final setup to do.
And now we have torn out the bathroom - the main floor bathroom, the one our crazy pee-pee producers use. It was supposed to be a week project, and it started last Saturday morning. The new goal is that by 6:30 am Monday morning, when we get up for work, that spectacular new room will be done. Current staus, no paint on walls or moldings, floor to be retiled, no fixtures, and if course no running water. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer. This Late Lucy Chicken might crack under the stress!

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Rebecca said...

yeah, but it looks so good, i mean really really good.