November 24, 2010

I keep on Falling

I get asked frequently if the love is the same - between a mother and her biological child and a mother and her adopted child, as I have had the privilege to experience both. The answer is unequivocally, yes. Loving a child is just like falling in love. There is an initial spark of love, which when combined with their utter dependence on you for every need is actually a very powerful start to the love - it is nice to be needed, but it is completely intimidating. However, no matter the folklore of love at first sight, I believe it takes time to truly fall in love - a long and wonderful process. I fell in love all over again with Chicken Little again in Colombia, as I watched her mature into Big Sissy seemingly over night, and I fell in love tonight when she cuddled into my lap to watch Curious George. I fell in love with Chicken Nugget the other night when she grabbed my face between her two little hands and quoted my own phrase back to me "Momma, I luv you da most!" And I started falling in love with my little Pollo yesterday, when he climbed up in my lap, curled both arms around my neck, leaned his forehead on mine, and just smiled at me with those huge dimples. Everyone should have this much love in their life, and I am unbelievably lucky to have the daily experience of a love of this magnitude.

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