November 27, 2010


Last night, after an eventful day of seeing old friends and driving a lot, AMP and I tucked the kids in bed, and then sat down together on the couch to look at houses on the internet (an absolutely favorite pastime, even if we are never moving from this house). Around 10:00, these two old folks decided to call it a night, and head upstairs to curl up under our chocolate brown fur duvet and perhaps have a moment or two together before we drifted off to sleep. As I crawled into my side of the bed, (and let's just discreetly say, the pj's weren't on yet), I saw something small, chocolate brown and furry crawl off the foot of the bed - and the screaming ensued!

A rather large mouse was sleeping completely camouflaged and all cozy in the lush furry rolls of the duvet - Apparently, two furry creatures wanted to sleep in my bed last night - AMP and the Mouse. AMP started believing my hysterical shouts and flailings when he saw the mouse charge under my dresser. As he rose up with my tennis shoe in hand to whack it, the sneaky little bugger darted around the corner and into the main room. AMP, in his boxers, chased it wildly around the corner and lost it in the crawlspace. Through this whole escapade, this Chicken was in the fetal position, screaming like an insane person in the middle of the bed - all thoughts of "togetherness" gone forever!

In the light of morning, the fear remains. I had to take the three chicks upstairs with me for protection while I got dressed for our excursion to Home Depot to buy a bigger and better mousetrap. AMP has now named our little intruder Jerry, which seems too personal to me, since there has been a major fatwah declared against him!

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JAH said...

ONLY in the deChicken family would there be a mouse!!! Ewwww! I'd say you can borrow Zoey - but my FH would be sad to let you borrow her (I would too). Keep me posted on Jerry!