June 25, 2012

Peace, Rain and Love

I went to sleep last night wondering about today.  Today is the first real day.  No school to take the children to.  No breakfast plans with friends to celebrate quitting.  No vacation impending to visit my parents.  Just me and the chicks and a whole long day (for that matter, a whole week) stretched before us.  And all that wondering/worrying probably prompted the "work-mare" that caused to wake up in a dead panic at 3 am this morning~!
Fast forward 5 hours.  I woke up to morning to cuddles and giggles, as we listened to the thunderstorm crash all around us. Cocoa puff cereal, Big Sissy Teacher giving spelling lessons, and now a rousing game of house/dance party taking place upstairs as I sit by the front window, drink my coffee, and absorb.
I prayed several times over the last few years for peace for me and for my family - We had happiness and laughter and most of all, each other, but often times over the last 5 years, peace has been in short supply here in DeChicken land.  Today however - and I say this before anyone decides to smack his sister and happy chaos ensues - peace seems to be raining down on my family. 

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Laura said...

here's to many more days of peace raining down on your family!