June 28, 2012

Bird Brain Administration

The resume for a good Mom is a far cry different than a good Buyer resume.  With buying, I could happily avoid most administrative tasks, and just spend my day buying pretty stuff for the stores.  One task that I always despised the most - scheduling!  Thankfully, scheduling wasn't a huge part of my job description, until...

After a peaceful, snuggly and rainy morning on Day 1, I decided to "pop over for a quick second" to the market....at 11:40 am with slightly hungry, but still happy kids.  Two hours later, I look down at my hungry, cranky chicks, who were two hours behind schedule for their lunch, not to mention their nap, and see Pollo devilishly licking his sister's arm, followed by a headfirst dive into the full grocery carriage in search of a bag of M&M's.   Birdbrained Chicken Plan #1!

Then there was today.  Today all the little Chickens and I went and had our eyes examined.  In retrospect, this Chicken should have had her head examined for scheduling 4 eye appointments, back to back.  It sounds like a smart plan - knock them all out in one fell swoop, with only one drive down, and one morning tied up and then we can all move on.  Extremely efficient use of time, one might even say.  Totally how I would have set up my travel schedule with vendor appointment in my previous position.  However, as I was restraining Pollo from breaking a mirror with one hand, while comforting Chicken Nugget with the other, and calling down Chicken Little as she nearly broke one of the instruments, all while the optometrist had me pinned behind the giant eye lens machine.  Today, it felt less efficient, and more like an insane game of Whack-A-Mole, all from an optometrist chair.   Birdbrained Chicken Plan #2!

I suddenly came to the realization this afternoon as I was driving three cantakerous children around dropping off 3 vacuum pumps as a favor to AMP, that I am now the DeChicken family administrator - all scheduling and planning,  (or lack there of) goes through me.   Lord help the wee little chicks sanity as this Birdbrained Momma develops a whole new set of Chicken skills!

PS - We did manage to have a fantastic picnic lunch with AMP in what he called, "The Secret Garden" on campus!  Look at these happy faces!

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