June 14, 2012

Chick Burglars

Does this seem like an innocent face to you? Yes, my little Chicken Nugget is usually not the source of the trouble, or drama in our family.  But today, in her own precious little way, she caused a heap of trouble.

So I went and got the kids from school this afternoon, and we went to McDonald's for ice cream and germ infested playzone time.  The kids had the time of their life, and then we piled back into the minivan and drove home.  When we got home, they all three wanted to ride their bikes, and I had a little weeding to do, so we headed outside for a while.  It was drizzling a little, but nothing to bad, and I was getting a ton done - even cleaning up the garage.  I saw Chicken Nugget go in the house for the bathroom, and then a few minutes later heard her squeaking at the basement door that the door was stuck - Pollo and I both ran and let her out of the house to join us outside.  I returned to weeding, and Pollo and Chicken Nugget ran for their bikes.  A few minutes later, Chicken Little calls out to me, "Mom, the door is locked."

Now, it might not seem like a big problem to you at this point, but will let you in on the thought flow at this point:

Me: Outside the house - Standing in the rain, which is starting to really come down
Chicken Little: Outside the house, asking me to just open up the door
Pollo: Also outside the house - just staring at me quizzically
Chicken Nugget: Outside the house, with a slightly guilty expression on her face
AMP: Away at Church board meeting until, well, he still isn't back as I write this
My keys: Inside the house
My Phone: Also....Inside the house
Are you beginning to see the problem?

"Chicken Little, you go check the front door, and I will try the back patio," I instruct as I run for the deck.

We can see each other through our respective locked doors, and I see the sad shake of her head.

Three little chicks continued to offer the ever so helpful advice of "Let's call 991", (With what phone? and I swear, my children can not remember that it is 911 - heaven help us if there is ever a real emergency!) and "Let's just sleep outside until Daddy comes home," to "We are all going to die!".

By this point, I have tried all the windows, and all but one were shut tight.   However, one little window,  probably 10 ft off of the ground is slightly open, and so I proceed to teach my eldest the finer arts of breaking into one's own house.  Just before we ascended the ladder, I instructed both of the little ones, "Run to Ms Missy's and say 911 - my Mommy has fallen and can't get up,"  should Chicken Little and I's plan end badly.  That being done, Chicken Little and I proceed up the ladder and after breaking in the screen, I hoist her through and into the sink.  Chicken Nugget's response to all of this from her perch on the stairs: "Sissy, you are a Super Hero!"

All is well and the funniest part of all of this - It isn't the first time this has happened to us.  Not even the first time Chicken Little has been hoisted through a window (you can read about the first time by clicking here).  Such wonderful skills I am instilling in this child!

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