June 23, 2012

Crossing a lot of road

18 hours of driving later- the DeChickens are home! I never thought we could one day 931 miles with 3 kid.... But we did! And I have discovered that the little chicks actually road trip surprisingly well when peppered with enough mid day surprises, DVDs and McDonald Playplaces. The only casualty of today's trip were Esther's "Silky" (Her favorite soft blankie) and Aleah, her best baby. AMP somehow abandoned both of them on the baby changing table in McDonalds...and then didn't remember to pick it up until we were three hours up the road! Thanks to the miracle Of iPhones, we triangulated an estimate of which exit/McDonalds it was, and after 4 phone calls, Silky and Aleah are being shipped, in all of their men's public restroom, germ infested glory back to our house! Tragedy averted and we are all safe and sound!

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