June 16, 2012

Cranky Old Chicken

There seem to be these moments in time when you realize you might not be a spring chicken anymore. One of those moments was tonight for me. I spent the morning at an elementary awards ceremony, the afternoon with a new friend, our littles, and a slip-&-slide. Mature events and happenings, but I didn't feel old. I then had dinner with an old friend and we had a truly fabulous time discussing financial planning, hydrangeas and irrigation systems, and travel plans to celebrate over-the-hill birthdays- still didn't feel old. No, I only felt like a cranky old Chicken today when I realized I was actually on the phone with Walmart's private label customer service department expressing my dissatisfaction and disappointment with their lasagna noodles- who only puts 13 noodles in box? Don't they know that there has to be 16, so that you can get the proper layers...and oh my! I was so hysterically embarrassed that I had called, that I turned down their offer for a free reimbursement giftcard! Cranky old Chicken doesn't even begin to describe this escapade- feel free to judge me in your hearts in this one - I don't blame you! I know AMP and Jo did!

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