December 13, 2010

The Great Cheese Slice in the Sky

Jerry met his maker and went to the Great Cheese Slice in the Sky the very next day after he tried to snuggle with me. However, I had a eerie premonition that he wasn't alone. Everyday since Thanksgiving when The Horror occurred, I have tread very carefully upstairs. Well tonight, I explored my premonition by checking the trap upstairs that was expertly positioned by our paint supplies. I didn't see anything, but apparently, I am blind, because his cohort in crime, Jerrette, had recently joined him in the Great Cheese Slice in the Sky. AMP just descended the stairs with the wee monster, and panic is back in the house.

I am currently debating between my own personal rock and hard place - new house (get ready to be bankrupted selling this one) or getting Chicken Little the cat that she so desperately wants (never mind the small, very insignificant fact that she is insanely allergic to them). Just as a note, I am a badge-carrying cat hater.


Kimberly said...

I'm not a fan of cats - not a fan of mice. I'm battling the same debate now, but my unwanted house guest is named Gus and he's a NYC rat.

Ultimate Chicken said...

I have no words often have you seen Gus?

JAH said...

you can both borrow my Zoey, she is an excellent stalker of anything, but only if you take back the "hate cats" comments!