June 30, 2010

Mechanical issues

4:11 flailing at alarm clock, ipod alarm and blackberry alarms-all snooze
buttons hit
4:20 stumbling awake
4:23 realizing flight to La Guardia takes off in 1 hour and 17
minutes-small miscalculation error on appropriate wake up time
4:57 pulling into airport parking lot, vaguely realizing that the iron
might not have been unplugged (and yes, I ironed!)
5:04 flash the platinum frequent flyer card and sleepy smile at the man who
clearly does not think from my slightly ironed, soaking wet hair appearance
that I belong in that fabulously fast special security lane
5:09 line at starbucks behind a 19 year old who keeps switching-"caffe
mocha, no what's in that one, no maybe a vanilla latte". My dirty chai
can't come fast enough
5:18 curiously wondering why we aren't boarding yet
5:26 hydraulic leak-not me, the plane obviously
5:40 the new person in my dept who I am supposed to be meeting in LGA is
already on the plane and on her merry way-awesome
6:08 pilots put on their sunglasses, start the propellers and fly away-I
can see this from my seat in the terminal. I don't think this is a
positive sign
6:25 the gate agent returns from sending off all the other planes, stares
out the window and says, and I quote, "Where did the plane go?"
6:30 plane back from its test run-??? - and the mechanic disappears behind
the plane with a large hammer
6:42 told the plane might be fixed by 7:00 decide to go buy a phone charger
6:56 chased out of the news store by the rolling, robotic laughing dog
7:02 walk back to the gate, flight has taken off-without me
7:15 head into office-just another morning in the glamorous life of a buyer


Rebecca said...

Love this love this love this... cant wait for more. if i could only have seen this first hand....you cant make this stuff up..:)

Holland said...

That is absolutely hysterical and completely believable. Only you, Amanda, only you.

Guida said...

I love it! And I am impressed that you have a blog... I always wanted one but don't know what to write... :)

Jo said...

You should recount more buyer stories....we buyers can't make this stuff up! XOXO