July 20, 2011

Political Correctness 101 for 2 year olds

Little Chicken Nugget was attempting to describe her VBS teachers tonight, not by name, but by their color - ie, "My White teacher," "My Brown Teacher". Thank heaven this was done in the privacy of our home during PJ time - so I started to explain that we needed to call people by their names, and to try and not identify them by their color. I was silently offering up a prayer that I had preempted some really embarrassing moments, when Chicken Nugget stared up at me in surprise and wonder, and stated "Mommy, you are WHITE!"
This is only a surprising statement to Chicken Nugget - I mean, seriously, have you seen me??
So I went along with it, and we proceeded to identify the color of all 5 members of the family. But then I threw her a curveball when I said "What color should baby brother be?" (NOT an annoucement by the way - just a hypothetical that she has been obsessed with lately).
Chicken Nugget shrugged her shoulders, and then thought. The smile on her face was huge a moment later when she shouted "Baby Brother will be BLUE!! and Baby Sister (whoa, totally out of left field) will be PINK!!"
And I thought we stood out as it is.....

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